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QUAL360 Survelytics is a mobile research tool to capture all the exciting moments at home, work or doing sporting activities. You always wanted to attach a context to a photo, audio or video recording so as to enhance the enjoyment or utility for later. QUAL360 allows you to digitally record these events and put them in context for later use.


QUAL360 Survelytics is easy to use and can work in both online and offline mode. It provides users with a secure data collection mechanism on the cloud giving the ability to connect with respondents ‘in the moment’ and enabling them to give objective, real-time responses.


QUAL360 App works as a part of the Survelytics QUAL360 platform where users can create, deploy, conduct qualitative research projects and analyze the results in near real-time. 


A research project on how you planned for a vacation with your special notes attached to the pictures and videos.


An intense project discussion with a number of whiteboard sketches or prototypes displayed with audio comments can be captured and used later for creation of detailed project notes. Never find yourself with missing information in connecting all the dots for the Sales presentation.


QUAL360 lets you record all the media items and store them locally without signup. User location is also captured by the app along with the QUAL360 as additional metadata, if user decides to enable Location services.

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