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Survelytics - Mobile Surveys

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In today’s world, engaging with users via mobile is now unavoidable. In 2012, the smartphones and tablets have already taken over desktops and it is estimated by 2016, 350 million workers will use smartphones — 200 million of whom will take their own devices to the workplace. Mobile offers additional contact options that go beyond the traditional touchpointsone can have with a consumer and, perhaps most importantly, can serve as a key tool for customer insight and attributes. If you want to reach them where they are, you need to go mobile too.Survelytics makes it easy, with surveys optimized for use on smart devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.


Survelytics enables researchers to conduct longitudinal studies where respondent can capture in the moment occasion-based, out–of–home attitudes and behaviors and eliminates the need for recall. It also supports image, audio and video capture to provide better insights. This can be used for consumption, brand exposure, behavior tracking .The mobile diary can work in offline mode and handle complex logic with geolocation and timestamp.

Why Survelytics – Mobile

Time Efficient Time Efficient
Easy Survey administration tool to generate survey
High Reach High Reach
Can be deployed on Web as well as Mobile
High Response High Response
Mobile is an efficient platform to respond anytime any where
Cost savings Cost savings
Conduct 3x surveys at the cost of 1 face to face interview

Key Features of Survelytics - Mobile

  • • Standard Templates
  • • 15+ Question TYPES including multiple choice, rating, grid and more.
  • • Logic and Branching
  • • Custom and complex Rule implementation
  • • Grid representation of questions
  • • Play and Record Video
  • • Play and record Audio
  • • Capture and show Image
  • • Image Annotation
  • • Enhance Your Surveys with Socrates® Probing
  • • Geo Location and Time stamp
  • • AutoSave
  • • Barcode and QR Code option
  • • Multilingual Support
  • • Offline Completion – Conduct surveys offline and upload the results when you have internet connection
  • • Custom Branding
  • • Download results in CSV, XL format
  • • Download results in Triple S (SSS) format .Which is SPSS compliant.
  • • Customized Dashboard
  • • Creating copies of a Survey.


Dedicated Version
    USD 1000 / year Contact for pricing Contact for pricing
Questions 10 questions /survey Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Completes – Included 50 completes 2000 completes /yr 12000 completes /yr Unlimited
Completes – Additional

USD 0.4/ complete

USD 0.3 / complete

Branded Apps  
User management (1 Admin, 1 Author ) (1 Admin, 3 Author) (3 Admins, 20 Authors)
User Single User 100 users Unlimited Unlimited
Data storage 10 MB 100 MB 1 GB Hosted on Client Server
Conduct Features on Smart Phones
Andriod Survey Support
Offline Capture
Geo Location
Time Stamp
Open Ends ( Text / Numeric)
Mutiple Choice ( Single / Grid )
Single Choice (Single / Grid)
Single Choice Image ( Single / Grid )
Mutiple Choice Image ( Single / Grid )
Date and Time
Video Capture / recording
Image Capture / recording
Image Annotation
Audio Capture / recording
Simple Branching
Complex Logic
Group Randomization
Enable Rotation for Grid Questions
Block Rotation / Group rotation of questions (  via scripting ) 
Copy Survey
Multilingual Support
Simple Validations
Piping or Subsitution
Grouping of Questions
Survey Progress
Socrates® Probing for OpenEnds
XL Export
SSS Report (SPSS Compliant)
CSV Export
Media Files
24 x 5 email support
Customer support email responses in 1 day or less in 8hrs or less in 4hrs or less
Customer Support Skype/Phone  
Dedicated Account Manager