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Frequently asked questions

What is Survelytics?
Survelytics is a SAAS based DIY platform for Market Research to capture, aggregate and analyze rich content and response from market and customers.  It provides enterprises an easy to use data collection mechanism on the cloud giving the ability to connect with customers ‘in the moment’ and enabling them to give objective, real-time responses. Survelytics also provides a wide range of question types and options with geo-location, timestamp, multilingual support, routing logic, randomizations, media questions, and other advanced features for mCAPI, Mobile Diaries and Qualitative surveys.

What is the price of Survelytics?
Survelytics provides a pay as you go model where in users have to pay a fixed fee/month for authoring the questionnaires and a small fee per complete survey. Please contact us for a quote.

How do I get a FREE Trial version of the Survelytics platform ?
Download the Survelytics App from Google play (  or iTunes ( and “Request Account” for a free 30 day trial.

How do I access the userguide for Survelytics?
We provide a step by step guide to using the platform on the Help (  section for accessing the user guide for Survelytics.

What is the maximum number of questions supported by Survelytics for a Mobile Survey?
There is no maximum limit on the number of questions. Our users have done simple 5-10 mins survey to 90-120 mins complex surveys with logic and branching.

Does Survelytics support Offline Surveys?
Yes, incase there is no network Survelytics records the results offline and user can upload the results whenever there is network or WiFi connection.

Can Survelytics support Multilingual surveys?
Yes, Survelytics supports multilingual questions.

Can I add Multimedia questions to Survelytics?
Yes , user can add Image, Audio and Video questions.

Is it possible to save surveys for future use?
Yes, you can save the surveys as template and use it for future use.

How can I export the interview results?
You can export your interview results as csv or XL file.

How much time it takes to learn and use Survelytics?
It takes less than 2 days to learn and use Survelytics platform for authoring and about 1-2 hours to use the Mobile Survelytics to conduct the surveys.

What are the hardware requirements of Mobile devices for conducting Mobile surveys on Survelytics?
Survelytics is currently available on Android ( version 2.3 onwards ) and iOS ( version 5.1 onwards ) . The App renders automatically based on the screen sizes. For Field Agents we recommend using bigger screen phones or tablets for easier usage.

How is the data transferred from the mobile device?
Data is transferred from the Mobile device once there is network (WiFi or 2G/3G/4G)

Does Survelytics allow barcode question?
No, currently barcode question is not available. But will be available later this year.