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Case Study : Beverage for Occasions – Mobile Diary


Beverage for Occasions – Mobile Diary

Client :  A global beverage major

Objective: To obtain real time data on beverage consumption behavior and the related attitudes and motivations.  Scope: 6 countries

Challenge :  An app that would seamlessly work in different languages and mobile networks in online/offline mode

Solution : 

  • The app covered a structured questionnaire relating each consumption occasion
  • Logical routing of questionnaire reduced the number of questions asked at each occasion
  • App based system sent reminders to the phone if it was inactive for more than 4 hours
  • App was developed in 4 languages
  • Respondents recorded photographs of beverage consumed using the app
  • Images were uploaded and could be seen by client on real-time basis

Results  :  The Mobile based Beverage Diary delivered the following benefits:

  • First ever real time data capture was possible using this mobile app
  • Further details like time and place of consumption was possible to track using GPS tracking