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Case Study : Beverage for Occasions – Mobile Diary


Beverage for Occasions – Mobile Diary

Client :  A global beverage major

Objective: To obtain real time data on beverage consumption behavior and the related attitudes and motivations.  Scope: 6 countries

Challenge :  An app that would seamlessly work in different languages and mobile networks in online/offline mode

Solution : 

  • The app covered a structured questionnaire relating each consumption occasion
  • Logical routing of questionnaire reduced the number of questions asked at each occasion
  • App based system sent reminders to the phone if it was inactive for more than 4 hours
  • App was developed in 4 languages
  • Respondents recorded photographs of beverage consumed using the app
  • Images were uploaded and could be seen by client on real-time basis

Results  :  The Mobile based Beverage Diary delivered the following benefits:

  • First ever real time data capture was possible using this mobile app
  • Further details like time and place of consumption was possible to track using GPS tracking

Survelytics : Market Research Data Collection Tool

Latest Survelytics Presentation

Survelytics ( enables easy gathering of market research data using mobile phones and tablets. The platform has been successfully deployed on live projects across several countries including USA, China, India, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Columbia, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Salient features of Survelytics:

  • Android & Apple device ready – phones and tablets
  • Easy, web based questionnaire development interface, covering multiple question types
  • Rich data collection – enabled to collect numbers, text, audio, picture and video
  • Video and Picture Display – enabled to push TVCs, Concept Boards to the device (useful for advertising and concept testing)
  • Off-line data storage on device – makes it easy to use in low mobile coverage areas.
  • Authenticity checks – timestamps, geo-location stamps, random-audio recording are some of the authenticity checks that could improve data quality.
  • Speed – instant upload of data to central server via mobile of wifi.

Survelytics, developed by Eki Communications,  is being used by leading MR agencies and marketing companies globally. The Survelytics app can be downloaded for demo on iTunes ( and Google Play (